Railroad Data Managment

Rail Data Management

About HCCS, Inc.

Heritage Computer Consulting & Services, Inc. is a women-owned and operated business providing technical services to companies in the greater Kansas City area and nationally since 1991. Jim & Arlene Watkins began this venture as a home-based business from a mutual passion for technology and their desire to be available for their children. The company continues to grow because of the successful business relationships our staff maintains with our clients.

Heritage has evolved over the past twenty-two years to respond to the growing needs of our clients. Our expertise in the railroad industry incorporates 17 years in multiple areas including scheduling, costing, maintenance planning, inspections and vegetation.

Our History

Arlene Watkins

Several years after moving to the Kansas City area, Arlene was Production Manager for a local computer software company where she was in charge of producing software updates and tracking client software installations. As President of Heritage, Arlene’s main focus has been business management and customer service. She represents the company at many chamber and networking events. She is a member of the Kansas Women’s Business Center. Arlene also writes training documentation and Help Systems for custom applications developed at HCCS, Inc. In 2003, she was an Athena Powerlink awardee. Under her leadership, the company has been nominated several times for the 25 Under 25 Award.

Jim Watkins

Jim Watkins has been interested in computer programming since high school. He first served as assistant office manager of a parts company in Omaha where he was exposed to the business “rules” behind software. He often made suggestions for enhancements to the inventory software vendor there. He pursued his interests and later started his career as a computer programmer in 1978 with a software company based in Kansas City. Jim spent over twelve years in software development, client training and support services before founding HCCS, Inc.

As Vice President of Heritage, Jim spends the majority of his time developing applications & custom solutions for clients in many different industries. Jim’s experience in the rail industry includes LaserRail data management along with maintenance planning, inspection data and costing.

Jim has earned certifications as a Certified Data Processor and Certified Computer Professional from the Institute for the Certification of Computer Professionals (ICCP). He also holds two Microsoft Certified Professional certificates. He is the chief mentor for our programming staff.

Jim also worked as a college instructor for computer education making him an invaluable resource for our clients and staff. Jim enjoys teaching clients to be self-sufficient and comfortable with their software.

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